To the Future!

Here is a Random musing about the Future. In preparation for my special three part posting featuring my random predictions for the future.

People have been trying to predict the future ever since time began; but not many people can even remotely claim to have succeeded.  Astrology doesn’t work (mostly because there are thirteen zodiac signs but astrologers only use twelve), psychics don’t know what their talking about, and Nostradamus was so vague that he could have meant anything.   There are so many books and movies that are set in the future that they can’t all be right.  And after watching some of them I don’t think that I would want any of them to be right.  Who would want to live in a future ruled by apes or robots?  No one really wants to become the society that burns books or makes Children fight to death on live TV, right? The future that H.G. Wells wrote about in the Time Machine doesn’t sound too appealing either.  The future in Back to the Future 2 isn’t so bad, maybe even doable, in fact the year that it takes place in, 2015, is only three years away.

When you think about it the future can only go one of three ways: it can get better, it can get worse, or nothing can change.  The hard part is defining better and worse because some people look upon the past as being more favorable than the present.  I would also like to bring up the saying, “the more things change the more they stay the same,” this really makes it hard to project into the future because if the future is always repeating the past then nothing can ever truly change and America is doomed because the Romans and the Greeks thought they were the end all and be all of civilization too.

Of course things may stay the same in theory but things will always be changing.  Technology will advance and then knowledge will be lost and then rediscovered that’s all part of the cycle of history.  History is full of parallels and repeated mistakes.  This is because people never learn from the mistakes of their ancestors and so they just make the same errors.  Like the old cliché says “either learn from history or repeat it.”

A popular saying printed on Christian T-shirts, bookmarks, key chains etc. . .  is: “I know not what the future holds but I do know he who holds the future.”  This means that as long as God is in charge there is nothing to worry about.  But the future gives us plenty to worry about anyway; it’s the greatest unknown, the ultimate variable and just plain scary.  And the farther ahead you look the scarier it becomes, because the more time that goes by is more time for something bad to happen; like a natural disaster, or a layoff at work, it’s also that much closer to death.  And death is a scary thing to most people.  Unless, you know he who holds your future.


One thing that some people fail to appreciate about our society is that this, more than any other era, is really the age of personal opinion. when else in history could you read a news story and then immediately put in your two cents. We go online read an article and then leave a comment. In fact reading the comments consumes more of our attention than the story that we came to read. The comments show what people really think. And reading the comments can also make you really angry. They can turn into real flame wars sometimes. Check out the following example that I made up and see if you can spot the commenter that makes me the maddest.

Headline: Ten year old boy eats Chocolate cake everyday. Doctors find no ill effects.


Cakeluvur: I like cake. You go kid!

Sparedarod: That is so wrong his parents should go to jail for not making him eat healthy foods. My kids don’t eat sweets ever. Cake is the Devil’s Food.

Cakeluvur: It can be Angel Food too! 😀

Spoildechild: @Sparedarod, You shouldn’t be so strict. Kids need to have things in life to make them happy or else they will grow up bitter and angry. Besides the article says that he got a piece of cake everyday. It’s not like they fed him nothing but cake.

Dietdiva: I wish I could eat cake every day and not get fat like this kid. 😦

Superdad: Maybe you should play three different sports like my boys. They eat all day.

Sparedarod: You are all crazy it dosen’t matter what else you eat sugar is toxic. I never had any sweets growing up and I turned out perfectly fine. We should ban all sugar.

Cakeluver: What we already have a higher tax on sugar than other foods.

DietDiva: No we have a tax on beverages. I pay the same tax for my unsweetened tea as i would if I bought a soda. McDonald’s even taxed my bottled water.

Superdad: @Sparedarod, You did not turn out fine at all it sounds like you turned into a bitter hag who thinks that everyone should suffer just because you had an unhappy childhood. Stop forcing your beliefs on others.

Peacemaker: Why do you people have to be like this? Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Everyone should stop putting down the opinions of other. If we all respected each others opinion then the world would be a happy place and we could all get along.

Now who do you think made me angry in the above example. That’s right it was Peacemaker. Everyone else had an opinion that contributed to the debate, even if some of them could have been nicer about it. But Peacemaker just commented on the arguing. His or her opinion was that people really shouldn’t have their own opinion. Peacemaker would rather everyone sacrifice their beliefs in the name of tolerance. But we can’t do that. We must keep arguing, debating and having different opinions. Because if everyone has the right to their own opinion then that includes everyone with a dissenting opinion too.

So come on leave your opinion. Lets see if we can start a good comment war.

Drinking, Highly Illogical

I haven’t posted anything in a while so here is an extra long one.

Every age comes with certain privileges that we can choose to partake in.  At 16 we can drive at, 17 watch an R rated movie and, 18 we become voting citizens of our great nation. But then nothing truly interesting happens at 19 or 20 and then at 21 is finally given the right to legally buy and consume alcohol. Why? It’s such an odd number to choose? At least 18 has a certain logic, you can vote you graduate from high school and start worrying about things like student loans and car payments, 19 would at least follow in sequence. In Ohio we have to renew our drivers license every four years. So if they made the drinking age 20 then they could get rid of that extra year before your first renewal.

Does anyone really think that a 21-year-old will really be anymore mature than an 18-year-old? Is it some medical fact that at 18 alcohol will affect your brain cells but not at 21? Drinking will kill your brain functions no matter what age you are.

I found this website that seems to answer the 21 question though I have no idea where they got their facts from.

My question is really Why Drink at all? What is the point? And how can people stand it? Alcohol messes with your memory and it dulls senses it ruins your reaction time and it just tastes bad.

The only time that I am ever really satisfied after a bit of spirits is when I am sick. I think of it this way Alcohol is used to disinfect therefore drinking it when you’re sick will disinfect your insides. Maybe not technically true but it makes me feel like I’m doing something to get better.

In Victorian era fiction we read about Spirits being used as a medicine, a restorative, a calming agent, something to warm your insides, and yes like I said a disinfectant.

Am I proposing that we bring prohibition back? No. Consuming alcohol just doesn’t hold any appeal for me. It doesn’t make you have more fun it just shuts off your common sense. So drinking at home with people you know and who you know want the best for you is fine but anywhere else is just Illogical.

In his autobiographical book I Am Spock Leonard Nimoy, writes a fictitious encounter between Spock and one of his many female fans. She has just offered Spock a drink and this is how Spock refuses her:

Spock: Madam, my mind is in precisely the condition it should be. I see no reason to alter that condition with stimulants or depressants.

Spock is right, if you are thinking clearly and you are walking without bumping into things and falling down, who in their right mind would want to change it? Personally I do not like to feel stupid and clumsy, trust me I feel that way enough when I’m sober there is no way I would purposely place myself in that state of mind.

I have actually used Nimoy’s quote before to turn down an invitation to go out to a bar. Though after that I didn’t get many invitations to anything. Oh well, people who need to be inebriated to have fun mustn’t be very good company anyway.

If we could start using it like a medicinal helper instead of, “A sure sign of a good time,” (Bud light’s slogan) then maybe the drinking age wouldn’t matter so much. Maybe if people would stop doing stupid things with stuff that should be used sparingly then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about monitoring alcohol usage in the extremes that we do. But people are stupid and they do drink to be numb and to get stupid. So the illogic behind the drinking age must be overshadowed by the illogic of drink itself.

Lunch Time Etiquette

The following manners apply to anyplace where large groups of people gather to consume food that they packed themselves: be it cafeteria, break room, or public park.

Upon entering a room in which someone is eating an orange, one should never exclaim, “I smell Oranges!” This just serves to show everyone how unobservant and rude you are. This will also result in the Orange eater not offering you any. Instead you should casually glance around until you locate the orange eater and then casually approach them. Begin the conversation thusly, “Why I see that you have chosen to eat an orange today. I can tell that you care about your health very much because oranges are high in vitamin C and are a tasty way to ward off many nasty diseases such as scurvy.” Then go on to explain that you have recently returned from a long sea voyage and that you fear you yourself might be suffering the early stages of Scurvy and that you would be forever grateful if they might share part of their life-preserving fruit.

Always pack a book in your lunch bag. First of all, it is brain food and will make your diet more complete. Secondly, it will help to comfort you after you realize that no one in the lunch room is eager for you to sit with them. If however, you actually want to read your book while you eat do not sit at a table with women. They will talk incessantly though not to you.

If you want to eat without having hate-filled stares shot at you do not sit at the Clique table. The Clique table is the table closest to the doors so that the Clique can judge everyone who comes in to eat. The Clique will be almost entirely women and they will be talking loudly and about things of little importance. If you remembered your book sit as far away as possible. If you forgot it sit one table over and eavesdrop.

The rules for Popcorn are different from that of Oranges. Forget it no one shares Popcorn. You can exclaim that you smell popcorn all you like because the buttery goodness is all mine.

Take your change from the vending machine because no one is going to announce that they found an extra quarter. Like wise don’t feel guilty about pocketing an extra quarter because chances are that the machine is the one that messed up and spit out that extra money in order to make up for all of the times it ate your change. Yea I can live with that story.

You Might Be Home Schooled If . . .

They say that imitation is the sincerest from of flattery.  I hope you feel very flattered Mr. Foxworthy.

You might have been home schooled if . . .

  • You went into Shock the day you found out that your mother was not the great repository of all human knowledge.
  • You took so many “field trips” to Wal-mart that people thought you worked there.
  • You had to total the cost of all of the groceries in the cart plus tax (showing your work) before you could get M&M’s at the checkout counter.
  • You have more reverence for an Author’s birthday than a Catholic has for a Saint’s day.
  • Other people scream and throw holy water on you when you tell them that your School didn’t have sports.
  • You discovered the cure for Red neck in second grade using everyday kitchen staples.
  • People in town shun you when they learn that you don’t worship the local football team.
  • When someone asks you if you know of AC/DC you reply “Why yes of course these are the two forms of electricity. Alternating current and Direct current. While Alternating current is the best for sending through wires into your outlets Direct current is actually used to run most household appliances.” The person stares at you and then walks away as if you had deeply offended their religion.
  • Upon learning about pep rallies you laugh and exclaim, “Really! People do that? That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”
  • When someone asks you your favorite sport you reply, “Speed reading.”

And lastly:

  • If you are outside on a warm September day and there are no other kids around then you might be Home Schooled.

The Principle of First Trust

They say that Trust is earned but this is a blatant lie. Trust is automatically given and expected. People expect me to trust them on our first meeting. People want trust without ever meeting them.

For example if you are selling your house you have to trust the realtor and the people viewing your house not to damage or steal any of your possessions.  If you do business over the phone you have to trust that person to keep up their end of things. When I order books online I have to trust Amazon to ship the items on time. 

Broken down on the side of the road don’t we trust that the person pulling over is a good Samaritan and not a serial killer?

On your first visit to a fantasy world you have to trust the first person you meet there. It is not possible to tell a caring Queen from a White Witch based only on first impressions.

If first trust is broken then I guess one could earn second trust. But even a chance to earn back trust is still a gift of trust from the person wronged to begin with.

Unfortunately, trust can’t be earned, it just isn’t practical. if we had to give every person we will ever meet a trust test before interacting with them all of our time would be wasted filling in dots with a number 2 pencil.

But even though you can’t earn my trust I still refuse to hand it out lightly.  So forgive me if I still lock my doors at night. Just because trust can’t be earned dosn’t mean everyone can be trusted.


 Sorry I’ve been dropping the ball lately on my blog posts I will try to get two up this week. Here’s #1 enjoy.  🙂

Where in the world is Caucasia and who are these Caucasians I keep hearing about?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Caucasia as a region in South East Europe between the Black and Caspian Seas, divided by the Caucasus Mountains into Ciscaucasia to the North and Transcaucasia to the South. A Caucasian is therefore an inhabitant of this area.

I keep seeing this nationality on applications and forms I have no idea who they are or even what their flag looks like.

The only thing I know for sure about them is that I am not one of them. I might be white but that is really just another way to say that you’re not Black or Hispanic. Actually that’s another thing about applications that I have noticed. There are like five different ways to classify Hispanics.

If there is an option to select “other” I will check that before anything else. Even if you don’t elaborate I think that “Other” is the most accurate term for an American to use anyway. We don’t really belong to those other countries, Cultures, and labels anymore (especially when you’re born here.) America was supposed to be the great melting pot where everyone was equal. We shouldn’t need racial classifications anymore because everyone is just American.

What do I write under Other? If there is room I write: I am an American of Anglo Germanic decent.
If there is very little room I write: American.

If there is no “Other” I check White. I am not offended by the word White. I am offended that these forms want me to claim that I’m from Caucasia when I am not. It’s kind of like this woman I met once, she said not to call her African-American because her family came from Ireland.

Needless to say that lacking an Other or White I will leave that section blank before I will claim myself as Caucasian.

Now don’t put words in my mouth here. By all means embrace your heritage and I am all for ancestral pride. Whether you’re Irish-American or African-American or even Vulcan, genealogy can be a fun and worthwhile endeavor.  Who knows maybe everyone has a little Caucasian in their blood.  

But until I know for sure I refuse to be counted among them.


P.S. There is a clue to my next post in here. Leave a comment and see if you can guess the topic before I post, hopefully, on Wednesday.

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