Clockwork Hairpin

So what is the Clockwork Hairpin?

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It’s the name of my new business venture. I am an independent stylist with a company called Lilla Rose. They are a direct sales company that makes these innovative hair accessories called Flexiclips. Pictured left you can see the design called the Steampunk Flexi.  It looks awesome. and you can wear it with everything.



*If you already shop with a Lilla Rose stylist, then I encourage you to remain with them.*

You are always welcome back to read about more awesome books on the blog.

If you are interested in learning more you can check out my facebook page for more info:

I also have a facebook group:

There I post about sales, hairstyling tips and fun steampunk memes.


You can also email me at:

If you are already tempted to own one for yourself you can go here to purchase: 

They have an easy return and exchange policy.



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