A Short Short-Story Contest Update

In July I told everyone to go to Familyfiction.com and vote for my short short story, “A Meeting Beneath the Black Light,” that I had entered in their Create Romance Contest.

Well today I got a very unexpected yet welcomed Christmas gift in my email box.

I made the Top 200.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for my story. And if you want to read it again here’s the link: http://www.familyfiction.com/short-stories/create-romance-2012/a-meeting-beneath-the-black-light/

Please note the green “Top 200” seal on the top right of the page.

Family Fiction Create Romance Contest

Attention loyal readers (yes I mean both of you). I have submitted a short-short story (less than 1000 words) to FamilyFiction.com’s Create Romance contest.

What this means to me: I chance to be included in a Short fiction anthology of the top 200, or if I make the top 20 a $50 gift card to Christian books.com.

What this means to you: The opportunity to go to Familyfiction.com and vote for my story. you can find it here: http://www.familyfiction.com/short-stories/create-romance-2012/a-meeting-beneath-the-black-light/

Before you can vote you must first register your email address. The directions are at the top of the page.

My Story, “A Meeting Beneath the Black Light,” is very obvious from the title. Girl meets boy at a Halloween event where black lighting is being utilized. For those who require deeper themes in their fiction consider it the story of a lonely college student, who learns that being yourself is a little overrated and that maybe becoming something else is the easiest way to truly be yourself.

If you like it come back and leave a comment.



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