Black Friday E-Book Sale

Last year I participated in a massive group Black Friday sale hosted by Perry Kirkpatrick. And I’m doing it again this year.

Go to to find hundreds of books for less than a dollar. Book prices are only guaranteed through cyber Monday, of course always verify prices before purchasing.

This year you can pick up my novel Runaway Lyrics for only ninety-nine cents and my Steampunk Christmas short story for free.

Did you know that Amazon will let you gift E-books? It’s true. Just select the send as gift option when

If you are gifting someone an e-reader this is a great opportunity to load it up with tons of books for very little money.

Did you want to give someone a signed paperback of Runaway Lyrics? I have nine copies left from an author event earlier this year. If you are interested I have a google form, you can fill out. I am charging $15 shipping included for addresses in the United States. I will ship international but it will cost more. How much more depends on the destination.

Signed Paperbacks can be ordered here:

Are you looking for a gift that keeps on giving? There’s a new subscription available called the Story of the Month Club. you can check it out here*:

I may have contributed a story or two.

*The link listed is an affiliate link. Using it does not increase your cost to purchase but if you choose to buy a subscription, I will get a little extra back from it.

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