On the conservation of perpetual creative energy

Every fifth grader has heard of the conservation of energy, the principle that says energy can not be created or destroyed but only transformed. This is also partly true of creativity.

Creativity is the ability to store emotions, to capture feelings, to create things that inspire and perpetuate creativity in others.

Any artist can tell you how emotionally draining the act of creating can be. Whether it’s writing, painting, sculpting, acting or composing music.

But the beauty of the creative arts is that once you channel your energy into the task of creating the energy stays where it is no matter how many people draw inspiration from it.

Imagine how sad the world would be if creativity followed the same laws as physical energy. A world where after you finished a book the words were gone from the page until you used the stored energy to create a painting; which in turn vanished after someone became inspired from looking at it.

An actors craft carries the same amount of creativity whether his audience is a thousand or just one. A musician can inspire millions with one song out of just one night of furious composition, a few months with paper and pen can become a hundred years of literary enjoyment.

And these artists drained of emotion and low on energy can pick up someone else’s creative work and become inspired all over again.

“Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.” — Carlos Ruiz Zafón – The Shadow of the Wind

Go now. I send you out into the world to create, inspire and dream.

Now, if only we could power our vehicles with creative energy. Ah . . . the power of imagination.

Publication Validation

Hooray! I got my copy of Cross & Cosmos: year one in the mail today.

Anthology Cover Art

Naturally the first thing I did was flip to the contents page to find out what pages of the book my stories are on. And the answer is pages 347-396. Pages 347-360 are my first TC2 (The Cross & Cosmos) story “Souls are Wild” and pages 361-396 are its companion story “Black Hat Magic.”

This blog post could be a completely selfish tooting of my own flute (an instrument that I do know how to play by the way) or this could be an opportunity to remind myself and you that I am just one of eleven authors in this anthology; author of only two out of twenty-two stories. A 49 page drop in a 453 page book.

So on that humbling note here are some of my favorite (not written by me) stories from the first year of The Cross and Cosmos.

“Christmas Time” By: Kersley Fitgerald (I love time travel stories)

“Power of a Name” By: Avily Jerome (Action fantasy adventure)

“Fungus Among Us” By: Grace Bridges (Who is studying who? the answer might surprise you)

“The Quest” By: J. L. Rowan (Fantasy epic featuring a telepathic animal companion)

Why these four out of all of the amazing stories and awesome writers?

They are all relatively short, they are all from the original first four issues of TC2 so you can go read them online for free HERE, also all four have sequels written only for this anthology so now you have to buy the book not just for my sequel but for these others.

I’ve just had stories printed in a book, what am I going to do next? I am going to read my new book and then write more because seeing your name in print is an instant shot of confidence.

Don’t forget to buy it here: http://www.marcherlordpress.com/bookstore/fantasy/the-cross-and-the-cosmos-anthology-year-1/

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