Christmas Stories and a Card

Merry Christmas! I am so thankful that you chose to visit my little blog in the midst of your holiday preparations.

I love Christmas stories!

Don’t you?

Christmas is such a magical time of the year that any story set during Christmas instantly takes on this warm and fuzzy feeling of nostalgia and magic.

From the original Christmas when a God came to live as a lowly creation, to the story of a miser who’s heart was changed by spirits in one night, Christmas stories are ultimately about how to live everyday of the year.

If you are looking for a good seasonal story and will give you all the Christmas feels then check out this Fellowship of Fantasy blog post to read more about each book and find links to where you can buy them. 

I’ve personally read at least half of these books and can promise you that they are amazing and full of holiday cheer. 

Oh yeah, and one of them is mine.

My Christmas Card

This year I wanted to do something special for my Christmas cards.

I knew I wanted a music theme and I knew I wanted them to have a steampunk look. 

I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find a card I liked.

Suddenly, it hit me. Why not just design my own? So I did. The result is the Christmas card you see below. It is very Christmas and very Steampunk.

The card front says: 
May music show you the magic of the season. 
The image is the girl from my cover art, holding her violin, surrounded by a holly wreath on a background of blue gears.
The back says: 
As the Lyrics tell you of the reason. 
Warmest Wishes and Happy Holidays.
C.O. Bonham. 
(Only instead of a signature I put my author logo there.)

I also need to tell you about an anthology that I am in. It’s called Hope and Renewal 2021. It’s another one of the Challenge anthology from author Michelle Francik. It’s super short, mostly poetry, but it’s priced pretty reasonably and it does have a short story from me it. My story is titled Birth and it’s my attempt to figure out why people would even want to be born.

My story is first so honestly you can cheat and just read it in the free sample.

Also with al this talk of Christmas stories I want to leave you with a wonderful song that I love so much for the story that it tells. It’s a little sad but also upbeat. Listen at your own risk.

Music spotlight: Andromeda Coast

Like most members of the human race, music is a large part of my life. I use it to unwind, for inspiration, for entertainment, and for worship. So I thought a great way to kick off the new year would be to introduce a new feature. Music spotlights where I share some of my favorites and why I like them.


First up is Andromeda Coast. This is a synth pop, husband and wife duo. They just released their second album last year called Dream Architect.


I love the dreamy melodies created by the electronic tones. Their imaginative and sometimes abstract lyrics are fun to listen to and can spark the creative flow as your brain tries to create a story out of them.

I even wrote a story based on an Andromeda Coast song. I may have asked you to guess, about that in an earlier blog post.

Andromeda Coast can be streamed on Spotify and you really should check out their  YouTube channel.

You can also find them on SoundCloud which in addition to Spotify is one of my go to places for music.

In addition to Dream Architect there is an older album called Aphelion that you can find on Spotify and is available in most digital music stores.

This album is just as good as Dream Architect and is well worth the listen.

Check out their official website here

You can read more about them and even purchase music and space themed merch in their shop.

If you sign up for their email newsletter they will send you free music. Dive Bomber is an earworm and you must get it stuck in your head.



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