Music spotlight: Andromeda Coast

Like most members of the human race, music is a large part of my life. I use it to unwind, for inspiration, for entertainment, and for worship. So I thought a great way to kick off the new year would be to introduce a new feature. Music spotlights where I share some of my favorites and why I like them.


First up is Andromeda Coast. This is a synth pop, husband and wife duo. They just released their second album last year called Dream Architect.


I love the dreamy melodies created by the electronic tones. Their imaginative and sometimes abstract lyrics are fun to listen to and can spark the creative flow as your brain tries to create a story out of them.

I even wrote a story based on an Andromeda Coast song. I may have asked you to guess, about that in an earlier blog post.

Andromeda Coast can be streamed on Spotify and you really should check out their  YouTube channel.

You can also find them on SoundCloud which in addition to Spotify is one of my go to places for music.

In addition to Dream Architect there is an older album called Aphelion that you can find on Spotify and is available in most digital music stores.

This album is just as good as Dream Architect and is well worth the listen.

Check out their official website here

You can read more about them and even purchase music and space themed merch in their shop.

If you sign up for their email newsletter they will send you free music. Dive Bomber is an earworm and you must get it stuck in your head.



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