For the Love of a Word: A Dive in Review

Today I have a book for the writers out there, (not that readers can’t enjoy it too). Have you ever felt unworthy? Do you not find time everyday to pound out ten thousand or even just ten words on your manuscript? Does it feel like you’re just pretending to be a writer?

Then you need this book.

On this the eve before I go to attend a writers conference where I am not sell or pitching my book, I needed this. A reminder that publishing is not the goal of the writer. The writer writes for themselves, and they do it for the love of words.


for the love of a word ebook.pngA collection of love letters to creative souls.

For your inspiration and encouragement.

“There is a strange beauty in this lonely work; to create is to realize my connection with things greater than myself, and soon enough the work is not lonely at all, but blessed and beloved.”

Featuring the words of sixteen writers, For the Love of a Word is designed to encourage, inspire, and uplift you in your journey.

Featuring the words and hearts of:

Savannah Jezowski

Annie Harley

Kathy Twitchell

C.F. Barrows

Abigail M. Swanson

Keturah Lamb

Emily Vedder

Isabella Morganthal

Katherine Brown

Melissa Holliday

Lauren Grinder

Rachel Katherine

Selina J. Eckert

Rebecca Woodie

C.S. Taylor

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My Dive In Review:

For the love of a word is a book of poetry and love letters, all about the written word and our passion for reading and writing it.

It is a short read and can easily be finished in a single setting. Though I personally think that prose this powerful should be savored. I plan on reading it again much slower.

Struggling writers will find encouragement and support. Seriously if you are a writer suffering from doubt or fear, get a copy of this and read one letter a day, or all at once.

I believe this book can be enjoyed by readers as well. They’ll find their own feelings echoed in the poetry about words and the love letters to the writers that fuel their passion.

*I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own and were reached honestly.*

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1562977073.jpgSO does that sound like a book you need in your life? Author Annie Louise Twitchell is giving away a paperback copy of For the Love of  Word. Just click the link below and complete the raffle copter.

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  1. The Girl Who Doesn't Exist
    Jul 25, 2019 @ 23:53:34

    thanks so much for sharing!!! Love your review. And your blog look is GREAT! LOVE the theme and gears 😉


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