The Feud Worth Forgetting: Part one

So I confess I am really bad at posting on a regular basis. So I decided to try a little experiment. I have this story that I didn’t know what to do with.  It is kind of disjointed because I have mixed points of view and I spread the story out over a long period of time. So I thought that maybe I would take all of the disjointed bits and make each one a blog post.

The Feud Worth Forgetting

By: Cathrine Bonham

“Tell me a story Grandpa.” Juliet Brettsin had endured her bath and had brushed her teeth and had climbed into bed without a fuss so that she could enjoy her most favorite thing about visiting her Grandparents.

“And what story do you want to hear, Sun shine?” asked Grandpa pulling the worn comfy armchair up to the bed.

“Tell me the Family story.”

“Now isn’t that story a little scary for bedtime? How about a good Fairy tale instead.”

Juliet shook her head. “ I want to hear the history of the family feud.” She leaned close to her Grandfather and said the last sentence very conspiratorially, “I like the part where I’m Invisible.”

Grandpa gave her an equally conspiratorial smile and cleared his throat.

“This is not a love story. This is not a war story. This is the story of how God delivered two families from the sins of their forefathers.

“Once upon a time, after the British had left our shore and the constitution was being written, two friends, Silas Gellervice and Henry Brettsin, made deals with The Devil to become wealthy, prosperous and powerful in this new country. But The Devil had a catch. In order to obtain their prize each man was tasked to kill the other and wipe out his family line. Thus the Feud began, the two friends quickly turned on each other full of greed and thirsty for blood. For Generations it raged consuming the souls of all their descendants. Each family tree hungry for the rewards they would earn when the other finally died out.

“Now your ancestor and mine, Hiram Brettsin, and the leader of the other family, Job Gellervice, were the worst of all. They were so determined to be the ones to end it that they searched everywhere until they had every single descendent of the original two men Gathered up and living in Antigone, TN. The rumors say that these men were so evil that they killed the members of their own Family who refused to fight the feud. Well all of this gathering and murdering was starting to come to a head when Caleb Brettsin, decided that he wanted to join the church. He told his Father that he would have no more killing and nothing more to do with the works of Satin. He went into town and talked to the local Pastor. Well that Pastor was so Happy for Caleb that he was going to pay to send him off to some fancy seminary up north. Well, Hiram couldn’t have that could he? No. The last time that God took a personal interest in The Devil’s plans The Devil didn’t come out ahead did he?”

“No he didn’t,” said Juliet.

“That’s right. Well, The Devil put it into Hiram’s heart to murder his own son . . .”


I will post the next part of the story next week. I will. Don’t worry I won’t forget.

©  This story and subsequent parts are my own original idea and are protected under United States copy right law.

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