Sick day musings

This is random musings from my addled mind and my mind is never more addled than when I am sick. And I am indeed sick right now. 

 It has been a couple of weeks now so guess I should consider getting antibiotics or something.  I do not enjoy being sick but there is a part of me that just refuses to believe that my body can’t fight this on its own. Yes I take cold Meds and I use a vaporizer but every two years there is this reoccurring infection that just won’t leave without a visit to the doctor. Yea the last one was two years ago.

Why do we get sick? I can’t believe that germs and bacteria were part of Gods perfect creation. What purpose could they have had? They must have been unleashed after the fall some kind of failsafe ultimate punishment plan just incase things went south. Just like insects What good would they be in a perfect world? Poisson. That couldn’t have been part of the original program. Was it really a fall? Or was it more like a complete Overhaul?

But on the other hand this crap couldn’t have just evolved.  Multi-celled organisms would have died out before they ever got started. All it would take is one super deadly germ and there goes mama monkey. Goodbye primordial lizard too bad the black plague evolved first.

We think that we’re so awesome with our antibiotics and our immunizations but really we should be thankful that time travel is impossible.  That’s all I would need is some one bringing spanish flu back from a visit to their great-grandfather.

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