Sci-Fi Baseball Team

The super bowl is finally over. Now it’s time to start thinking about more important things like baseball. Fantasy Baseball. But most especially what would a fantasy Baseball team be like if I recruited Science Fiction characters to play on it?

Note: I do not own the copyright to any of these Characters. And I don’t mean to offend anyone. This is just a bit of Fun.

My Fantasy Baseball team using Sci Fi Characters

Dr.  Who is on First. Though as he pointed out he could very easily outfit the whole team with all of his regenerations. So for the sake of simplicity we will specify the 4th Doctor (played by actor Tom Baker) as our first baseman.

  James T. Kirk is on Second. It was his idea actually. You should have been there when he was trying to explain to Mr. Spock why having Dr. Who on first was funny.

  Luke Skywalkwer is on third. It’s a good place for him seeing as how he is part of a trilogy and all.

  Arthur Dent was going to be the short stop but he read in “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” that on the planet Vagas 4 The word “Short stop”  refers to a very poorly endowed male prostitute. So now he is off in right field having a cup of tea with Captain Picard. Also a very angry-looking Wookie made off with his towel and absolutely refuses to return it.

  Interestingly enough right field has been replaced with a halodeck, for the very reason that nothing ever goes out there anyway. Jean Luc Picard chose this position because he and Arthur quite agree that baseball is just not Cricket.

  In place of Arthur the angry-looking Wookie is the new Short Stop.

  Left Field is being held by William Robinson (Lost in Space). Will’s robotic companion, incidentally, turned out to be a very good cheerleader. Though it did seem a little confused, every time the ball came Will’s way it would shout, “Danger Will Robinson. Danger!” Dr. Smith unfortunately was benched; he was in too much pain to play.

  Center Field is the domain of Starbuck From Battlestar Galactica (The male Starbuck from the 70’s Not the female one)  Obviously because he likes to be the center of attention.

  The Pitcher is Alex Rogan (The Last Starfighter) because he managed to beat the high score in Wii Baseball.

  Captain Dylan Hunt (Andromeda) is the Catcher. This man survived in a black hole for three hundred years and then rebuilt a government from the ground up. If any one knows how to catch crap from everyone and then throw it right back at them it’s this guy.

  I really wanted Spock to be on my Team but he insisted that he was the only one logical and impartial enough to call the game fairly. So now Spock is the Umpire.

Let’s Play Ball!



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  1. Terri
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 11:08:15

    Very good, your explanation for why each was choosen made a lot of sense.


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