Works in Progress

Happy New Year. 

There is just enough time left in 2011 for one more blog post. the only question is what should I write about?  A lot has happened in 2011. I started a blog! I started a lot of books ( you can read two meanings into that and both would be correct). I also started a new job.

Yes a lot of starting happened in 2011.  But not much finishing.

As a writer I do not lack for Ideas. I have so many stories started that it is often  hard to choose just one to work on.

So my New years resolution is to actually finish all of the projects ( the short stories at least) in my “Work in progress” folder. 

Here’s an idea of what I’m working on:

“Much ado About You” — A short story full of Shakespearian misprision and conclusions jumped to too soon.  Shouldn’t take to long to finish I just need to know the legal consequences for accidentally faking a suicide.

“Expendable” — My love letter to Star Trek.  This is not a fan fiction I have created a new universe that has a different history and aliens. I want to say I’m almost finished but I have started over twice already and I will probably rewrite it yet again before I am happy with it. basically follows three “Red Shirts” on their first away mission.

“Recall from the Red Planet” — If you have read Left Behind then you can imagine what the rapture would do to a small community. Only this time the small community is a Martian colony. 

 “The Adventure of the Jewel Fence” — In 1900 Ohio a Sherlock Holmes Fan applies his idol’s methods to real life in order to solve his neighbor’s murder.

“A Merry Martian Christmas” — Yea this is the one about Santa Clause living on Mars.

That is just a sample of what I’m working on I have lots more but I think that these will be the priorities not that anyone can actually hold me to that.

Anyway hope you enjoyed 2011 may your 2012 be even better.

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