Be Our Guest Post: Superhero Rom Coms.

Back again already? Yes, I know I just posted yesterday but I have more content for you. Today I have a guest post from author H.L. Burke, the author of the entertaining and ever expanding SVR universe.

She is here today to explain why Romantic comedies would be better with superpowers. So without future ado…

So, I do like a good romantic comedy … but I also like superheroes and the two things just aren’t combined nearly enough.

Because of this, I have created a list of five romantic comedies that could be improved with the addition of superpowers, along with handy notes on how for studios to act upon.

My List of Romantic Comedies That Could Be Improved With The Addition Of Superpowers.

While You Were Sleeping

Imagine if instead of sort of wimpily pushing Peter Gallagher’s character off the train tracks, a super strong Sandra Bullock had LIFTED HIM off then leaped over the train, landing on the roof, surfed it for several blocks, and THEN gently lowered him to safety—before getting mistaken for his fiance and falling in love with his much more likable brother.

Sleepless in Seattle

First off, this whole thing is about falling in love with a guy while not knowing who he is other than being an anonymous voice on the radio. Secret identities, anyone?

What if instead of a normie, Tom Hank’s character was a superhero and THAT is why he’s having a hard time getting back into dating. Also, instead of taking a plane flight last minute, he could totally FLY across the country to meet her at the top of the Empire States Building. She could even maybe slip and fall off the observation deck and he could catch her mid-fall. Much more exciting.

Romancing the Stone

This is already an epic adventure with over-the-top villains and a quest to find a legendary artifact. You could so easily add in some superpowers. It’s basically a done deal.

You’ve Got Mail

Instead of competing business owners, what if these internet penpals were actually competing supers. Usually Tom Hank’s big business guy would be the villain, but I’d say make him the corporate hero who has all the power whiles she’s a scrappy, underdog anti-hero type who doesn’t have the backing of the government agencies or the respect of the people, just the power of READING.

Groundhog’s Day

As a twist, Bill Murray’s character isn’t caught in a time loop. He’s being held in place by a supervillain, the titular groundhog, who can manipulate time and wants to hold the whole town hostage. Only Murray has the ability to see past the illusion because of his own latent superpowers, which he will use to save Andie McDowell when she’s inevitably strapped to a clock tower at some point in the climactic sequence.

While we’re waiting for Hollywood to get on these rewrites, I would suggest you should probably read a Superhero for Christmas. It will give you that romantic comedy “daww” and “awww” fix while not depriving you of the superpowered goodness you need.

About the Author:
H. L. Burke has written more books than she can count—because she’s written a lot of books,
not just because she can’t count very high.
Easily distracted by shinies, she has published in many subgenres including fantasy romance,
Steampunk, and superhero, and always creates story worlds with snark, feels, and wonder.
Married to her high school crush, she spends her time writing, spoiling her cat, and supervising
her two supervillains in training (aka her precocious daughters).
An Oregon native, she wilts without trees and doesn’t mind the rain. She is a fan of delicious
flavor, a follower of the Light, and a believer in happily ever after.

I want to thank H.L. Burke for that informative guest post. I know I’d like to see each of those movies again with an added superhero or two. If you agree and would like to read a real super hero Rom Com then check out Her newest book A Superhero for Christmas. I got to read an early reader copy, and I absolutely loved it.

My review of A Superhero for Christmas

A Superhero for Christmas is a standalone installment in the SVR universe of novels. As a longtime reader of this series I adored the references and nods, but overall this book is very self contained. It really would make a great Hallmark Christmas movie.

I loved Glint in this story. In previous novels Glint is a very minor character but he really shines in his first solo outing. He is a big adorable floor and he will steal your heart like he stole mine.

Christmas is little more than the time of year the story takes place in making A superhero for Christmas a cozy romance that can be enjoyed all year long.

Marvel hero action collides with Hallmark Holiday goodness in this new superhero romantic
comedy by Award-Winning author H.L Burke. Launches November 5th, 2022!
A Superhero for Christmas
When superhero, Glint’s, aka Henry Nichols’s, powers go on the fritz after a supervillain attack,
he finds himself rethinking his priorities. Years of devotion to public service have left him with
little for himself, and with forty swiftly approaching, he finds himself longing for his youth on his
grandfather’s farm. An incognito vacation is just what he needs.
Former reporter Lara Landis lost her career and her only long-term relationship all in one
Humiliating blow. Broke and rudderless, she retreats to her parents’ small town grocery store to
try and make one last career rally, but how is she going to get a big scoop living in the middle of
nowhere? When a poorly disguised superhero lands in her neighborhood, insisting that he’s just
a normal guy, she can’t help but smell a story.
As their chance encounters turn into a begrudging friendship, Lara is surprised to find a caring,
sincere human beneath Henry’s press-conference-ready exterior. When the truth comes out,
though, her big story could turn into his worst nightmare.
What are readers saying about A Superhero For Christmas:
Hallmark and Marvel got together to have a baby, Superhero for Christmas. An adorable
heart-warming cozy read for the reader looking for some superhero charm with their
Christmas, romance, and superheroes…this story lifted my heart up, up, and away!~Ernie
Laurence, Jr, author of the Islands of Loar series.
A cozy Christmas rom-com with superheroes… it doesn’t get better than this! ~ Brianna
This story has all of the feels with, thankfully, not a thing that was sappy. This is how I have
always wished Hallmark holiday stories were written. ~ Veronica Lynn AKA Mrs. Spellsmith

Amazon Pre-Order*:

In addition to writing amazing stories H.L. Burke is also great at hosting giveaways. Click the link to enter this giveaway for a superhero themed cozy winter gift basket (US Only) or a 12 ebook superhero library (International) Giveaway | Rafflecopter 🙂

And if you want more superhero, Rom Com goodness make sure you check out H.L. Burke’s Blind Date with a Supervillain. and On the Run with a Supervillain.

Blind Date Amazon link*:

On the Run Amazon link*:

*This website uses affiliate links through the Amazon Associates program. Every time you buy a book using one of these links the blogger gets pennies from Amazon at no cost to you. Those pennies will add up into nickels and eventually dimes.

What do you think, would more rom coms be better with superpowers?

Who wants to see Hallmark make A Superhero for Christmas into a movie?

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