Reader Nominated Award

Are you tired of looking at lists of award winning books that you haven’t and don’t plan on reading? Well never fear the Realm Awards Readers choice contest is here to save the day.

From April 2nd-23rd (I know I’m so late telling you about this) any reader can nominate books that they feel deserve the award.

There are some stipulations though: You may nominate up to three different books for the Realm Award Readers’ Choice Contest. To qualify, books must be:

  • Speculative in genre (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, or any of their related sub-genres)
  • Written by a professed Christian author
  • Published between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021
  • The first instance of publication of the work (no new editions, subsequent printings under a new imprint, etc.)
  • Novel length
  • A single work (no anthologies, collections, or compilations)
  • Written for middle grade, young adult, or adult audiences.

You’ll need the complete and accurate book title and author’s name for each entry as they appear on Amazon.

All these books written by my D&D party qualify!

It just so happens that my novel Runaway Lyrics qualifies.

I would be super honored if you would consider nominating my book but I understand if you have other books that you love more. Seriously, choosing only three book is very hard.

To avoid swaying you I won’t tell you which three I nominated. (No I did not nominate my own book even though there doesn’t seem to be a rule against it.)

All of the Frosted Roses novels qualify except The Bear which is too short.

Here are a dozen books that I loved from last year that qualify for the award (the three I nominated are on here somewhere):

Power Play by H.L. Burke

Secrets in the Mist by Morgan Busse

Shadow by Kara Swanson

Amok by Anna Tan

In Real Life by Elisabeth Warner.

A Castle Contended by Sharon Rose

The Fey of castle Garden by Naomi P Cohen.

Discernment by Lauren Salisbury

Wishing Against the House (Steel City genie book 3) by Janeen Ippolito

Gilded in Ice by Sarah Pennington

Traitor by Laurie Lucking

Silence the Siren by Michele Israel Harper

Don’t forget about Runaway Lyrics!

These books from members of my critique group qualify as well.

Are any of these books your favorites?

Which three will nominate?

Nominate now before time runs out!

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