Power On Cover Reveal

If you have been following this blog at all in the past year then you should know that I love the Superhero Rehabilitation project series by H.L. Burke.

These books are fun, snarky adventures that aren’t afraid to bring some strong feels to the table.

And her newest instalment is no different. While Power On is technically the first book in a new series, it takes place shortly after the official end of the adult series.

Because that series was about adults not because it had adult content. This series is about teenagers and so is really a YA series. Though we all know that calling a book YA isn’t going to keep me from reading it. It pretty much ensures that I will read it.

So without future ado, let me show you the cover for Power On, The first book in the Supervillain Rescue Project series.

About the book:

Jake’s family ties have turned to cuffs.

Born with the ability to fragment his body at a molecular level, Jake Lucas has devoted his life to his uncle’s supervillain gang. When he’s captured by superheroes, he’s certain his life is over at only sixteen.

To Jake’s surprise, he doesn’t end up in prison but at Camp Sable: an intervention project for at-risk super powered teens. Jake’s not interested in rehabilitation. As far as he’s concerned, the camp mentors are just a barrier between him and his true family, the Sand Fox gang.

Forced to work alongside the likewise screwed up duo of fire-powered Marco and electricity manipulator Laleh, Jake waits for the perfect escape opportunity. Having friends and the chance at a real family is more appealing than Jake originally thought, but going soft can cost a supervillain his life. Jake soon finds the forces fighting to control his life threatening to tear him apart.

Will Jake choose to remain the villain his uncle made him, or become the hero his new friends think he can be?

A Young Adult Superhero series featuring found family, friendship, and one superpowered ferret.



The book is on a 99 cent preorder until October first, so grab it now at this great price.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09GBQF5PG

Also grab Reformed, the first book the Supervillain Rehabilitation project. It’s also on sale for 99 cents right now:

Author Bio:

H. L. Burke has written more books than she can count—because she’s written a lot of books, not just because she can’t count very high.

Easily distracted by shinies, she has published in many subgenres including fantasy romance, Steampunk, and superhero, and always creates story worlds with snark, feels, and wonder.

Married to her high school crush, she spends her time writing, spoiling her cat, and supervising her two supervillains in training (aka her precocious daughters).

An Oregon native, she wilts without trees and doesn’t mind the rain. She is a fan of delicious flavor, a follower of the Light, and a believer in happily ever after.

Author Links:








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