The Luck Child a dive in review.

A few weeks ago I participated in a cover reveal for a new book from Uncommon Universes Press the release date for that book is tomorrow so I am back to give you my honest review. Usually I would start with the official back cover copy but I notice I tend to summerize the story in my reviews, so I’m going to put all that stuff the review and as the name implies — dive right in.

Dive in review of The Luck Child:

The Luck Child, by Rebekah Shafer, is a new take on the fairy child story.

In this world you can be born Fairy or you can be born Human. Poor Orphaned Cabernet (Pronounced: Cab-er-nay it’s french I think,) seems to have been born both. He is drawn to the fairy kind, he gets along with the fairies and they seem to like him. But he’s obviously human. He can’t do magic without tools, and he craves human company. The only problem is that human beings don’t remember who he is once he leaves their sight. You can’t call yourself lonely until you’ve been forgotten by even the most casual of acquaintances.

The narrative bounces back and forth between the present (where Cabernet is asked to find his majesties missing ships) and the past (where a young boy searches for a family, or at least some companions who won’t forget him).

I found myself equally captivated both by the predicament of adult Cabernet and the heart breaking loneliness of young Cabernet. I feel like each portion could have been expanded into two separate stories but once I reached the climax I really appreciated the way it all came back around and made a circular plot. Each half needs the other to make a whole story.

The world building and fairy lore were great, but I was most blown away by the character development. I felt such empathy for Cabernet that I actually felt lonely while reading. (Of course I do my best reading alone so that may have been a contributing factor.) In addition to Cabernet there is a whole cast of fairy creatures as well as a handful of humans, each well developed in their own right and all of them like real people. (mostly because people are awful and would totally forget about a poor boy looking for shelter and food and company.)

Maybe the best thing you can take away from this novel is that everyone should have a Cat. Cat’s will never forget you.

I found a copy of this manuscript in the bottom of an old email, it bore a note from the publisher saying that it was an advanced reader copy. I have taken it upon myself to read this manuscript and report to you my own honest opinion of it’s contents. So that if you should happen upon your own copy of this manuscript you will be informed and shall not fear it.

About the author:

Rebekah Shafer is a thirty-something-year-old living in Georgia, USA, who got tired of spending an awful lot of time and energy trying to Be an Adult the Right Way.

Now she writes stories in a small house painted green on the inside, with plenty of jazz vinyl albums, a problematic front lawn, and two grey cats who look just enough alike to confuse house guests.


Facebook Page:

Instagram: @rebekahnovella


From the back of the book:

Cabernet would give almost anything to be remembered–except his freedom. 

Cursed to be eternally forgotten, Cabernet grew up walking a dangerous, lonely line between the world of mankind and the world of fairy. Now known only by a faceless reputation as a rogue and fairy aficionado, he wanders ceaselessly with the cat Maugrim as company. 

Then the king dares order him to eliminate a magical foe in northern waters, and threatens to attack fairy lands if Cabernet refuses. As an increased annoyance, he is saddled with a stiff naval officer, the king’s elderly personal advisor, and the advisor’s nurse, a charming young woman named Rosemary who can inexplicably remember him. 

Cabernet wants to complete this mission quickly without actually facing the enemy, a dangerous enchantress who nearly killed him before. But sea perils and fearsome monsters blindside his every trick and turn. Moreover, he is somehow growing fiercely attached to the human tag-a-longs.

As the enchantress’s deadly net tightens around them, Cabernet must face the terrors of his past in order to save his new-found family–and future.

Enjoy this standalone YA fantasy that combines dark whimsy with fairy tale magic, plus a side of Oliver Twist and an enchanting romantic subplot.

To pre-order or to not pre-order?

The book comes out tomorrow! How is this even a question? What are you waiting for! Order it now!


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