Realmscapes is out

Yes I know this post is almost a month over due. In fact this blog is very over due for any update whatsoever. So here it is my latest publishing brag:

My Realmscapes

I have one story inside. Raised in Captivity can be found on page 57.

It’s the story of Brad who was raised by Earth’s alien conqueror’s. When Brad’s eyes are open, he’ll have to choose, comfort or freedom.

You can purchase the anthology at Here.

There are no reviews yet so if you purchase a copy can you please leave a short review.

And if my name alone isn’t enough to make you by this awesome spec-fic anthology here are a few of the other awesome authors featured within:

Kat Heckenbach Of Toch Island fame.

A.C. Williams author of the Morningstar Trilogy.

Grace Bridges author of Mariah’s Dream

The center piece is a novella by Rebecca Minor. It’s part of her Windrider Saga.

Those are just a few of the authors inside, I am running out of time to search and link author pages. For the full list please buy and review the anthology.


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