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First I’m sorry for being such an inconsistent blogger. I know I hardly posted anything at all last year. I am so sorry. . .

“I am the worst blogger ever,” she said hanging her head in shame. “I am so unmotivated, and no one ever comments on my stuff,” she said knowing full well that the former had more to do with it than the later. Her real problem is that she keeps sitting around waiting for things to happen and she is also very unfocused. The blog is called Random musings for goodness sake.

Wow, I have no idea who that was, some random third person POV hacker taking over my blog.

Anyway since I haven’t posted anything in forever you probably don’t know that the second Realm Makers conference is over and it was amazing.

She hesitates. “What if someone I met there reads this? They’re going to know what an unmotivated writer I am. I can’t even maintain a blog how will I ever write a novel?” She bites her fingernails in worry.

You don’t know that I am writing a novel. It has the word Random in the title. Make of that what you will.

“Their going to think the wrong thing, I should give more information. No If I over explain it to begin with I won’t feel free to make major revisions later. I should leave it alone. This will build hype for future publication. No it won’t,” she stops typing to continue her internal discussion, “I never finish anything I start. The book is doomed. You don’t know that, if it worries you so much don’t mention it in your blog.” 


You don’t know that The Cross and Cosmos is no longer in publication. The web site is still up for now but there aren’t going to be any new issues.

“How am I going to publish my short stories now?” She mutters to herself, knowing in her heart that she fears rejection too much to submit her work to anyplace else.

You probably don’t even remember that my Blogaversary is tomorrow.

She stops typing and saves her post in the draft folder as she scrolls through her older posts to double check the spelling of Blogaversary.

Hey who did all that? You have got to be kidding me, I think I need to update my security settings. I get up for three minuets and the POV hacker strikes again. Just ignore everything in Italics it’s not important.

Anyway don’t feel bad, you didn’t know these things because, I didn’t tell you. Really I didn’t even remember that my Blogaversary was tomorrow until I got a notification from WordPress.

I can’t promise that I will post more often because let’s face it–I’ve broken that promise too many times for anyone to ever believe it.

But I will try not to forget and leave this blog dormant for almost a year again (cross your fingers).

She crosses her fingers and pushes “Publish.” Then waits expectantly for someone, anyone to comment and give her life meaning.

She gets up and watches her computer. As she waits for it to shut down she notices a little sticker on the side that says includes meta-reality POV processor. “I wonder what that does?” she muses. The computer screen goes blank and she closes the laptop.

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  1. Terri
    Jul 11, 2014 @ 19:46:43

    I like the way you write it as if another person is typing. I wish I could think of things like that to write.


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