Post Conference Post

I know I made you all wait forever (One month anyway) to hear about my first writers conference. Some of you were teased with a post, but I had technical issues.

So I am going to try and make it up to you. Hopefully I can figure out how to do this right.

The film is developed and the photos are scanned. Let it begin.

What is Realm Makers?

Realm Makers is a writers conference but it is also Comic con for Christians.

Me and Jeff











And people wonder why I am not a Star Wars fan.

Red shirts die











The TIE fighter is Jeff Gerke he is the founder of Marcher Lord Press. You remember it’s  the publishing house behind this:

Anthology Cover Art











I have to admit that I think I wanted to go just to meet this guy:

Me and Bryan Davis



This is Bryan Davis the author of the dragons of Starlight series and the Dragon in our midst series.








I am so ashamed to admit that I was very star struck and probably did not come across as a very competent person.

While I was in St. Louis I made a point of checking out this thing:














Very exciting experience being so high.





It wouldn’t be right call this Comic con Christians if there wasn’t an actual Comic book writer present. Luckily there was.




Matt Yocum Marvel comics writer.






Also these guys:

L.B. Graham






L.B. Graham whose book The Raft the River and the Robot has some great Gateway Arch imagery in it.






Robert Treskillard





Robert Treskillard author of Merlin’s Blade.






Morgan and Jeff




And Morgan Busse author of  Daughter of Light with Jeff Gerke again.



All told it was an interesting experience. I would definitely do it again and probably have a better time just for having done it once already.

Anyway thanks for being patient with me while I figured out how to add so many pictures. Or as it really happened, I messed up, did it completely wrong, got mad, left it sit for a month and then finally went back and did it the way I knew I should have done it in the first place.

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