Realm Makers

I am sorry that I went almost two months without posting anything.  But I have been working a lot, trying to plan a trip and just being lazy. On top of all that there are so many cool movies in theaters right now that time must be made to see them. Plus books to read, TV shows etc . . .

Anyway I am ready to talk about the trip I am planning.

I am going to a writers conference. This is my first writers conference so I am not sure what to expect. I am attending the Realm Makers Conference August 2-3 in St. Louis, MO. This is the Writers conference of the Faith and Fantasy Alliance. Find out more here:

I am excited because this will also be my first airplane ride. I have never flown before but it should be interesting.  I am looking forward to meeting with other writers. I wonder if any of them have heard of me? Oh it’s so close I can’t wait.


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