I’m a Total Watson

Yes it’s true.

I know that I would really love to be Sherlock Holmes. Brave, smart, mysterious and always morally in the right.

But I’m just not Sherlock. Besides Watson is plenty brave and smart. He’s not so mysterious but then neither am I. Watson does have an excellent moral compass though and it serves him well always erring on the side of compassion and human decency.

I am a Writer. I have a Blog. So I am like Watson in that way.

I might not be a doctor but I can peel the backing off a Band-aid.

I like to drink tea and I detest the foul smell of tobacco smoke.

I have a Dog though he isn’t a bull dog.

I am not really the leader, I am more of the tag-along type. I can take orders and I can give good advice I just can’t take charge.

Though I am intelligent I tend to live inside my head a lot and so am not very observant of the outside world. So I am like Watson in that way too. Holmes will never cease to amaze me.

I have Watson’s on my Family Tree. My Mother’s Father’s Grandfather was a Watson.  It might be reach up a bit on family tree but it’s still a direct line of descent. With out him having a daughter who had my Grandfather who had my mother I wouldn’t be here so, yea I am a total Watson.

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