One thing that some people fail to appreciate about our society is that this, more than any other era, is really the age of personal opinion. when else in history could you read a news story and then immediately put in your two cents. We go online read an article and then leave a comment. In fact reading the comments consumes more of our attention than the story that we came to read. The comments show what people really think. And reading the comments can also make you really angry. They can turn into real flame wars sometimes. Check out the following example that I made up and see if you can spot the commenter that makes me the maddest.

Headline: Ten year old boy eats Chocolate cake everyday. Doctors find no ill effects.


Cakeluvur: I like cake. You go kid!

Sparedarod: That is so wrong his parents should go to jail for not making him eat healthy foods. My kids don’t eat sweets ever. Cake is the Devil’s Food.

Cakeluvur: It can be Angel Food too! 😀

Spoildechild: @Sparedarod, You shouldn’t be so strict. Kids need to have things in life to make them happy or else they will grow up bitter and angry. Besides the article says that he got a piece of cake everyday. It’s not like they fed him nothing but cake.

Dietdiva: I wish I could eat cake every day and not get fat like this kid. 😦

Superdad: Maybe you should play three different sports like my boys. They eat all day.

Sparedarod: You are all crazy it dosen’t matter what else you eat sugar is toxic. I never had any sweets growing up and I turned out perfectly fine. We should ban all sugar.

Cakeluver: What we already have a higher tax on sugar than other foods.

DietDiva: No we have a tax on beverages. I pay the same tax for my unsweetened tea as i would if I bought a soda. McDonald’s even taxed my bottled water.

Superdad: @Sparedarod, You did not turn out fine at all it sounds like you turned into a bitter hag who thinks that everyone should suffer just because you had an unhappy childhood. Stop forcing your beliefs on others.

Peacemaker: Why do you people have to be like this? Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Everyone should stop putting down the opinions of other. If we all respected each others opinion then the world would be a happy place and we could all get along.

Now who do you think made me angry in the above example. That’s right it was Peacemaker. Everyone else had an opinion that contributed to the debate, even if some of them could have been nicer about it. But Peacemaker just commented on the arguing. His or her opinion was that people really shouldn’t have their own opinion. Peacemaker would rather everyone sacrifice their beliefs in the name of tolerance. But we can’t do that. We must keep arguing, debating and having different opinions. Because if everyone has the right to their own opinion then that includes everyone with a dissenting opinion too.

So come on leave your opinion. Lets see if we can start a good comment war.

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