My Dictionary or Words I Made Up and How to Use Them

Yes it’s true sometimes I use words that don’t exist in English. But then I say them again and they become real words.  Because, as long as a word is in use, and the meaning conveyed by the word is clear and understood, then it is a valid part of the language. Even if I am the only one who uses them.

My Dictionary

Blogaversary (Blog-a-versary) — The one year anniversary of starting a blog. Root words: Blog and Anniversary

Used in a sentence: I celebrated my one year Blogaversary recently.

Oreogasm (Oreo – ga-sim) — The pure bliss that comes from eating a Rainbow sherbert filled Oreo. Root words: Oreo and Orgasm

Used in a sentence: The new Rainbow sherbert flavored Oreos are so good you will have a oreogasm.

Corigami (Cor – igami) — The art of folding large sheets of corrugated cardboard into stand up movie displays for theaters and retail stores.  Root words: Corrugated and Origami

Used in a sentence: I got a paper cut while assembling corigami at work yesterday.


Yes technically these are all conjoined words formed by combining two or more words, but still I am the one who combined them. If you can prove otherwise leave a comment detailing the earlier use and I will gladly type a retraction.

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