On Writing

Hi sorry I was really bad about getting a post out this week; I will try harder next week. Until then here’s a little look into my writing philosophy. 

I have heard it said that great writing teaches us about humanity. Where we’re going, where we’ve been and everywhere in between.

But if you really think about it isn’t writing really about only one person? The Writer. The only reason we write is to be understood by others. We have these thoughts in our heads and all we want to do is share them. Sometimes when the words are in our mouths they just don’t come out right. So we sit and think about what we are trying to say. We put it on paper. Try as hard as we can to make the meaning clear. And then hope that someone is listening — Reading.

Writing isn’t about enlightening humanity it’s about connecting with humanity. Are all writers socially inept introverts like me? No. But I’m sure that all writers feel like they have something to say.

Writing is very much the act of putting one’s soul down on paper.

Fiction = Dreams. Non fiction = Conscious thought.

So the next time you’re reading anything remember it’s not about you or the human race or even the main character it’s about the writer.

Yes I am even conceited enough to say that it’s about me.

But if understanding me better helps you know yourself better or even humanity, then that’s ok too.


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  1. Terri
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 23:30:30

    Right again. Its not about our condition, as much as the writers opion of our condition.


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