The Watson Anomaly or A Tale of Two Bells

In 1876 a groundbreaking event occurred that made possible our modern way of life. This event was the world’s first telephone call in which Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) uttered the immortal words “Mr. Watson-come here-I want you.”

This was, of course, not a reference to John H. Watson of Baker Street but rather to Thomas Watson (1854-1934) Dr. Bell’s assistant. The world would not meet Dr. John Watson for another eleven years when “A Study in Scarlet” would be published in 1887.

But in that same year 1876 another amazing event occurred. A young man named Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) began taking medical classes at Edinburgh university in Scotland. There he met a master of deduction named Dr. Joseph Bell (1837-1911). This Dr. Bell inspired the young man to create everyone’s favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Interestingly enough Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh Scotland before eventually coming to the United States. Unfortunately without access to Scottish genealogical records I have no way of knowing if the two Bells were related.

So one Dr. Bell had a friend named Watson and the Other Dr. Bell inspired a fictional character who had a friend named Watson.

Really what are the odds these two men would have the same last name, both be Doctors, both come from Scotland and even live at the same time? Even without the Watson anomaly it is still very interesting.


I’m a Total Watson

Yes it’s true.

I know that I would really love to be Sherlock Holmes. Brave, smart, mysterious and always morally in the right.

But I’m just not Sherlock. Besides Watson is plenty brave and smart. He’s not so mysterious but then neither am I. Watson does have an excellent moral compass though and it serves him well always erring on the side of compassion and human decency.

I am a Writer. I have a Blog. So I am like Watson in that way.

I might not be a doctor but I can peel the backing off a Band-aid.

I like to drink tea and I detest the foul smell of tobacco smoke.

I have a Dog though he isn’t a bull dog.

I am not really the leader, I am more of the tag-along type. I can take orders and I can give good advice I just can’t take charge.

Though I am intelligent I tend to live inside my head a lot and so am not very observant of the outside world. So I am like Watson in that way too. Holmes will never cease to amaze me.

I have Watson’s on my Family Tree. My Mother’s Father’s Grandfather was a Watson.  It might be reach up a bit on family tree but it’s still a direct line of descent. With out him having a daughter who had my Grandfather who had my mother I wouldn’t be here so, yea I am a total Watson.

The Feud Worth Forgetting: Part 12 (the last)

I apologize for not posting last week. I was really busy working and having Easter celebrations. But I remembered to do one now so here is one more installment of “The Feud Worth Forgetting”. I almost left this part out because I liked the note that part Eleven left off on but if I post this part it makes an even dozen. Plus I already had this written so I might as well use it.

*     *     *

The family, packed into the mini van, was settling for a long drive.

“Mom?” said Harriet.

“Yes dear.” Her mother turned around in the front seat.

“If you wanted to tell us some stories I could write them down for you.” She replied clicking her pen and placing its tip to the notebook in her lap.”

Her mom smiled. “What kind of stories did you have in mind?”

“We’re talking about Colleges earlier. How about starting there? You were an engineering major right?”

“Yes and we had to work really hard just to get in.” Mom turned back around to stare out the windshield.

“So what did you have to do?”

“Sit ins mostly. We just sat around taking up space.” She stopped and looked like she was trying really hard to remember something. She glanced over and saw that wicked grin on her husbands face. The grin she fell in love with. It was a grin that reminded her that she really didn’t want her children knowing everything that she did in college. So forgetting that she was trying to remember something she simply said, “Nothing really interesting happened in College. Just studying and learning.”

“Really nothing at all happened?” asked Carla.

“It was the sixties honey,” said their father, “No one can remember what they were doing back then.”

©  This story and subsequent parts are my own original idea and are protected under United States copy right law.