Demon: A True Story

Halloween is here again. this time instead of a discourse on Vampires I am giving you a dark tale of the supernatural.  This is an actual experience of mine, it would be easy to write it off as a bizarre dream an exaggeration of an active imagination but these things do happen. Besides people who rationalize everything might never see a ghost but they never see a miracle either.

*           *           *

It began in a dream, an intense dream. The kind that doesn’t feel like a dream. In the dream I was at work assisting customers find things. “Yes sir we have GPS’s over here.” And then immediately there was another customer, “Yes ma’am the flash dives are on this wall back here,” walking them over explaining that “I’m sorry, I could have sworn they were on the wall earlier.” Near tears I see a face from the corner of my eye. The head quickly turned and the body ran off down another aisle. I started to follow it. It starts running. I am swarmed by customers they press in on me; each one insisting that I wait on them first everyone claiming that they were there before the others. I can’t take it any more I push and shove and say all of the things that I can’t actually say at work. There, the face, just for a moment and then gone again. I give chase, ignoring everyone and jumping over stack bases. Finally I catch it’s shoulder and spin it around. “Who are you?” I scream at it, “What are you doing here?” in my dream where you do not belong, I fail to finish. For the face is hideous and creepy. Green and warty with a wide mouth. But not like a toad, a toad’s face would have been kinder, this face was the image of evil the wide mouth was twisted into a wicked grin and the eyes were recessed as though they had been placed into a skull with nothing inside.

Then I awoke. I stared up at my ceiling, up at the hideous face still before me. It was there hanging upside down. The twisted grin now above the black eyes, and above the wide, twisted mouth a crouching body, frog like in form. The gargoyle kept grinning, drawing glee from my fear. I tried to call for help, but like in a nightmare that you can’t escape from, the cry of “Mommy” sticks in my throat and no sound escapes. I want to yell at it, to repeat the words of my dream. “Who are you and What are you doing here?” in real life hanging above my bed where you do not belong.

It is hard to breath when you’re scared to death. But finally I gasp a word, the only word that can ever prevail against this kind of evil. Not Mommy but Jesus. I close my eyes, because I do not have the courage or the strength to face this thing. I pray, “Lord Jesus please banish the evil from this place. Not just hidden from my mortal eyes but really gone. Please bring your peace and protection to this house and guard its residents from anymore unwelcome guests. Be they real or dreamt. Amen.”

I opened my eyes and stared at the empty ceiling. It was really gone and the room seemed a little brighter too. Then the wave of peace crashed over me it was like falling asleep after a truly exhausting day feeling so safe and so cared for that all there is left to do is sleep a real sleep that not only recharges your brain but your spirit as well.

*           *           *

Remember this Halloween, nothing can ever truly hurt you as long as God has your back.

For President 2012 . . . Remind Me Who’s Running

Every Presidential election that I have voted in so far has misled me on the number of candidates that are running for President. There is always more than a Republican and a Democrat. Not only do you have the Green Party, Libertarian Party, Socialist party, and the Constitution party but you can also have countless non-party Candidates. Remember what they told you kindergarten, “Anyone can grow up to be President.” What they failed to tell you was that you can run but the media will refuse to recognize you as a candidate. It isn’t really fair is it? Of all the things that should make the news you would think that potential leaders of our nation would be one of them. But no. The news media is only interested in covering the republicans and the democrats.

So Who is really Running for President?

Candidates Certified to the November 6, 2012 General Election

(as of 8/31/12)

President & Vice President & Party










JILL REED & TOM CARY  write-ins




And these are just the ones on the ballot for the state of Ohio.

Mike Vargo is from Ohio. I live in Ohio. So how come I haven’t heard anything about him? Though His chance at being president is slim if he is only a write-in candidate in his own state.
I found out that Constitution Candidate Virgil Goode is only on the ballot in 36 out of 50 states and most of those are as a write in candidate. It would be really nice if the country could get behind a Goode (pun intended) third-party candidate but if they can’t get on all fifty ballots then how can they ever expect to win?

Though it does make you think. If the news is lying about the number of candidates running for president then what else aren’t they telling us. Don’t listen to the TV ads and the mailers that you get. Put in the time to research the candidates and the issues. Voting is your right. But it is also your responsibility as an American citizen to be an informed voter. Because when a mindless mass believes the first thing they hear . . . Well that’s how 1984Fahrenheit 451,  Logan’s Run, and The Hunger Games happen. And we don’t want those fictions to become facts.

Check out this quiz to see who you side with politically:

Check out this well-informed site to learn about the election. Find out who is on the most ballots so that you don’t waste your vote. They have conveniently highlighted everyone who stands a chance of winning.:,PLATT