My Dictionary or Words I Made Up and How to Use Them

Yes it’s true sometimes I use words that don’t exist in English. But then I say them again and they become real words.  Because, as long as a word is in use, and the meaning conveyed by the word is clear and understood, then it is a valid part of the language. Even if I am the only one who uses them.

My Dictionary

Blogaversary (Blog-a-versary) — The one year anniversary of starting a blog. Root words: Blog and Anniversary

Used in a sentence: I celebrated my one year Blogaversary recently.

Oreogasm (Oreo – ga-sim) — The pure bliss that comes from eating a Rainbow sherbert filled Oreo. Root words: Oreo and Orgasm

Used in a sentence: The new Rainbow sherbert flavored Oreos are so good you will have a oreogasm.

Corigami (Cor – igami) — The art of folding large sheets of corrugated cardboard into stand up movie displays for theaters and retail stores.  Root words: Corrugated and Origami

Used in a sentence: I got a paper cut while assembling corigami at work yesterday.


Yes technically these are all conjoined words formed by combining two or more words, but still I am the one who combined them. If you can prove otherwise leave a comment detailing the earlier use and I will gladly type a retraction.

Family Fiction Create Romance Contest

Attention loyal readers (yes I mean both of you). I have submitted a short-short story (less than 1000 words) to’s Create Romance contest.

What this means to me: I chance to be included in a Short fiction anthology of the top 200, or if I make the top 20 a $50 gift card to Christian

What this means to you: The opportunity to go to and vote for my story. you can find it here:

Before you can vote you must first register your email address. The directions are at the top of the page.

My Story, “A Meeting Beneath the Black Light,” is very obvious from the title. Girl meets boy at a Halloween event where black lighting is being utilized. For those who require deeper themes in their fiction consider it the story of a lonely college student, who learns that being yourself is a little overrated and that maybe becoming something else is the easiest way to truly be yourself.

If you like it come back and leave a comment.




What, you may ask, is a Blogaversary? Well one year ago today I started this blog and in that time I have written 36 posts had 208 views, 38 Comments, and have made about 200,000 excuses not to write and post something.

The background that I have used for the past 365 days (or is it 366? this is a leap year after all) is titled Koi. It is a simple background that captures the feelings of the beach evoked by the dolphin in my blogs title as well as providing a non-distracting, almost paper like, reading surface.  I rather like it.

I will try to post more this year and hopefully I will have more news about publications.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog this past year, hopefully you found it interesting enough to come back and visit this year too.


Cathrine 🙂