But Wouldn’t you Really like . . . Two.

A couple of months ago I wrote a Blog post about my meeting with the fictional Sherlock Holmes and that got me thinking about other fictional characters that I might like to meet. So this post details my meeting with that paragon of Logic Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

I think that a meeting with Spock would make me feel much the same as meeting Sherlock would. Though I tend to think that the emotionless Vulcan would be more sensitive to my human emotions (go figure.) This would no doubt cause my meeting with Spock to be full of awkward silences and random comments that result in “fascinating” and “Interesting” responses from Spock.

Me: So you’re from the future?

Spock: As I have already stated.

Me: So have you ever heard of me?

Spock: You’re attempts to extract information about your future endeavors is in vain for I will not risk changing history in order to fuel your human ego.

Me: I see. That takes a lot of conversation topics off the table then.

Spock: Indeed.

Me: I noticed that you are reading something on your tablet there.

Spock: Yes I have taken the liberty of viewing your previous blog postings. I must say that they are rather interesting.

Me: Really!

Spock: Yes. For example many of them seem to take an anti-technology slant yet didn’t you tell me yourself that you earn currency by selling electronics to people? How can you sell things that you openly disapprove of?

Me: Well you see I don’t actively try to talk people into buying the items in question, usually they already want it and then I always try to emphasis the downside and they still buy it anyway.

Spock: Fascinating. So you inform these consumers that the Item they wish to buy is inferior and yet they purchase it anyway.

Me: That’s about the size of it.

Spock: The illogical  motives of humans will never cease to amaze me.

Me: Trust me I am human and I still don’t understand them.

Sick day musings

This is random musings from my addled mind and my mind is never more addled than when I am sick. And I am indeed sick right now. 

 It has been a couple of weeks now so guess I should consider getting antibiotics or something.  I do not enjoy being sick but there is a part of me that just refuses to believe that my body can’t fight this on its own. Yes I take cold Meds and I use a vaporizer but every two years there is this reoccurring infection that just won’t leave without a visit to the doctor. Yea the last one was two years ago.

Why do we get sick? I can’t believe that germs and bacteria were part of Gods perfect creation. What purpose could they have had? They must have been unleashed after the fall some kind of failsafe ultimate punishment plan just incase things went south. Just like insects What good would they be in a perfect world? Poisson. That couldn’t have been part of the original program. Was it really a fall? Or was it more like a complete Overhaul?

But on the other hand this crap couldn’t have just evolved.  Multi-celled organisms would have died out before they ever got started. All it would take is one super deadly germ and there goes mama monkey. Goodbye primordial lizard too bad the black plague evolved first.

We think that we’re so awesome with our antibiotics and our immunizations but really we should be thankful that time travel is impossible.  That’s all I would need is some one bringing spanish flu back from a visit to their great-grandfather.

Sci-Fi Baseball Team

The super bowl is finally over. Now it’s time to start thinking about more important things like baseball. Fantasy Baseball. But most especially what would a fantasy Baseball team be like if I recruited Science Fiction characters to play on it?

Note: I do not own the copyright to any of these Characters. And I don’t mean to offend anyone. This is just a bit of Fun.

My Fantasy Baseball team using Sci Fi Characters

Dr.  Who is on First. Though as he pointed out he could very easily outfit the whole team with all of his regenerations. So for the sake of simplicity we will specify the 4th Doctor (played by actor Tom Baker) as our first baseman.

  James T. Kirk is on Second. It was his idea actually. You should have been there when he was trying to explain to Mr. Spock why having Dr. Who on first was funny.

  Luke Skywalkwer is on third. It’s a good place for him seeing as how he is part of a trilogy and all.

  Arthur Dent was going to be the short stop but he read in “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” that on the planet Vagas 4 The word “Short stop”  refers to a very poorly endowed male prostitute. So now he is off in right field having a cup of tea with Captain Picard. Also a very angry-looking Wookie made off with his towel and absolutely refuses to return it.

  Interestingly enough right field has been replaced with a halodeck, for the very reason that nothing ever goes out there anyway. Jean Luc Picard chose this position because he and Arthur quite agree that baseball is just not Cricket.

  In place of Arthur the angry-looking Wookie is the new Short Stop.

  Left Field is being held by William Robinson (Lost in Space). Will’s robotic companion, incidentally, turned out to be a very good cheerleader. Though it did seem a little confused, every time the ball came Will’s way it would shout, “Danger Will Robinson. Danger!” Dr. Smith unfortunately was benched; he was in too much pain to play.

  Center Field is the domain of Starbuck From Battlestar Galactica (The male Starbuck from the 70’s Not the female one)  Obviously because he likes to be the center of attention.

  The Pitcher is Alex Rogan (The Last Starfighter) because he managed to beat the high score in Wii Baseball.

  Captain Dylan Hunt (Andromeda) is the Catcher. This man survived in a black hole for three hundred years and then rebuilt a government from the ground up. If any one knows how to catch crap from everyone and then throw it right back at them it’s this guy.

  I really wanted Spock to be on my Team but he insisted that he was the only one logical and impartial enough to call the game fairly. So now Spock is the Umpire.

Let’s Play Ball!



Spock’s Genealogy

Here’s post number two. (The hint by the way was “even Vulcan Genealogy can be a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor.”)

Now anyone who has ever seen Star Trek should know that Mr. Spock is the one with the pointy ears. And they are pointy because he is half Vulcan. Vulcans are a race of Aliens that are all very logical and show very little emotion. Spock’s other half is Human.

 Now I’m sure that Spock’s Vulcan ancestry is all very interesting but what I really wonder about is Spock’s Human side. It takes two people to make least child so every generation adds an entirely new family tree on to the already extensive genealogy provided by just one parent. So it stands to reason that the family tree of Spock’s Mother would be long and distinguished all on its own.

 It also connects two 1960’s television shows. In the novel Star Trek #23: Ishmael written by: Barbara Hambly, the main plot has Spock stowaway on board a Klingon ship as it travels back in time on a mission to pave the way for an invasion of Earth’s past. After being discovered by the Klingons Spock is tortured but manages to escape unfortunately taking a bad case of Amnesia with him. Once on Earth Spock is befriended by a man named Aaron Stemple.

 Aaron Stemple is a Character from the TV series Here Come the Brides, a show about three brothers who own a logging camp inSeattle and decide to bring 100 women from back East to marry their bachelor workers.

 Now in the book Ishmael it is revealed that Spock’s Mother is a descendent of Aaron Stemple. The truly funny part of the story is that the actor who played Aaron Stemple on Here come the Brides, Mark Lenard, also played Spock’s Father Sarek on Star Trek.

 Only in Star Trek could a man in 1800’s Seattle share the same genetics as a Vulcan born five hundred years later and what’s more said alien actually marries one of his descendents.  Or should I put it more to the point and say, “only in little read fan fiction novels.”

 Very, little read it took this person 26 years to read it:


 The book is good but it is more Star Trek Fan Fiction than Here Come the Brides Fan Fiction. But it is still an interesting and little known anomaly in a large fan based universe. But please do yourself a favor and find Here Come the Brides on DVD if you have never seen it before you don’t know what you’re missing. Season Two comes out this spring.