Well it I think it’s obvious to everyone that I am not expert enough at anyone thing  to run a focused blog. So anyone who dares to read this will just have to be content with the random musings of my addled mind.

You may want to know how I spend my time.  Well, I read books. Lots of books. In fact, if you ever see me without a book you should probably ask me if I’m feeling ok. I like reading fiction in a wide variety of genres: sci-fi, fantasy, history, mystery ect.  I read non-fiction too but not as often.

I also write short fiction as my first blog post clearly states. 

Things I am interested in are: Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Shakespeare, Superheros (mostly Marvel), Stage Magic and Theater. There are other Things too but I only have so much space.

That’s enough for now until later,


Hello all

My name is Cathrine Bonham and I do fancy myself as a bit of a writer.

So while I’m in the process of trying to decided on a topic to blog about I thought you might like to see something else that I have written.

To see a couple of stories that I wrote head over to www.crossandcosmos.com.
Cross and Cosmos is an Ezine that features quality Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories.

Take a look under Past Issues and find issue #4 and #7, these are the ones that my stories are in.

In issue #4 is my story “Souls are Wild” a tale from the days of the old west in which a young man sells his soul for the ability to never lose another game of poker.

In issue #7 is “The Cyborg’s Neighbor” a science fiction re-imagining of the good Samartan.

I hope you enjoy my contributions as well as the many other amazing stories collected within the 1s and 0s of Cross and Cosmos. This Ezine is truly a unique ministry that I am very honored to be a part of.

Until later


P.S. Cross and Cosmos is free to download and read.